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waterloo & city- LOS ANGELES

November 5, 2010

b decided to take me to a nice restaurant in culver city, los angeles this weekend after hearing his co-workers rave on and on about this british gastropub restaurant. while doing research on this place, i googled the definition of a gastropub which is a public house that serves high-quality food – waterloo & city does exactly this.

sangria & complimentary bread
> the sangria is one of the best i’ve had. most sangria’s are water-downed but this was not. the bread was delicious. the dough is seasoned, served warm and really soft on the inside

prosciutto & salami plate
> b said this was  “f- good”

mushrooms & snails
> decent. could be a tad bit more salty or flavorful

mushroom soup
> divine. but the additional splash of olive oil on top was too much or perhaps unnecessary

halibut w/squash and grapes
> this fish dish has flavors put together like i never had before. the meat was tender, and the squash and grapes creates a nice sauce base for the halibut

+ be sure to make reservations because they are usually packed. service was good but not excellent. the atmosphere on a saturday night was intimate with dim lighting and comfortable seating, but the restaurant is not small itself. the menu was impressive- lots of appetizers and small plates to share which make it great for family and friendly gatherings. in essence, the food was excellent and i will be sure to come back and try other things on their menu.


waterloo & city
(310) 391-4222
12577 washington blvd
Culver City, CA
Waterloo & City on Urbanspoon

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