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amelia’s espresso & panini – LOS ANGELES

November 4, 2010

amelia’s espresso & panini is located in california, santa monica close to venice beach. hoping to find a good brunch place nearby, we decided to go with the highest reviews and ratings on yelp which was amelia’s.

hot chocolate w/soy & coffee & banana
> the hot chocolate was very good (because i couldn’t taste the soy) i was told they use very high quality hot chocolate. nevertheless, the drink was way too sweet so i asked for hot water

salami panini
> the panini bread was made well- grilled to a nice crisp on the outside and softer dough on the inside that soaked up all the flavors. delicious but it didn’t blow my mind..

b enjoying his coffee and enjoying the california sunshine

+ i dont know if i would go out of my way to come back for brunch again.. but their paninis are tasty, healthy, and affordable. most importantly the service was inviting, attentive, and helpful.

amelia’s espresso & panini
2645 Main St.
Santa, Monica CA
Amelia's Espresso & Panini on Urbanspoon

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