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vij’s & rangoli- VANCOUVER

October 17, 2010

b & i decided to check out the most talked about and popular indian restaurant- vij’s in fairview. when we arrived, we were directed to the restaurant next to it called rangoli, which i later found out were owned by the same people (if i remember correctly.. they told me vij’s doesn’t operate during lunch hours). we sat outside at the patio area and was offered blankets and heater for a chilly sunday afternoon. after studying the men, i had such a hard time choosing what to eat since everything looked so appealing!

the first thing i ordered was the chai tea ($2.50), i think almost every table ordered this
> it tastes almost like regular milk tea- but i loved it

cauliflower(?), spinach, onion and potato pakoras with daal ($8.75)
>this appetizer was actually mistakenly ordered, but it was very rich in flavour- the curry was nice & thick, and the fried potato pakoras wasn’t greasy at all

this was my main dish natural chicken, tomato and green bean curry w/rice and chapat ($16)
>the chicken was surprisingly VERY tender and the curry was almost like a soup (not too thick) which i really enjoyed!

b had the caramlized onion and ginger lamb curry w/ salad, rice, and naan ($14.50)
>this was so delicious! i don’t usually touch lamb because of the gamey taste but this dish didn’t have too much of it and the meat was juicy and tender

+ after eating here, i think vij’s/rangoli has become one of my favorite places to eat in the city! its a must try if your visiting the city!

1488 W. 11th
Vancouver BC
Rangoli on Urbanspoon

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