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October 3, 2010

my girlfriends and i decided to try in yaletown friday night.
night life in yaletown has such a great vibe. its trendy, isn’t overly-crowded, and intimate.

we chose regional tasting lounge mainly because they offered sangria (my friends and i love sangria). i made reservations through open table which is really convenient and was seated at my table on time.a

love the simple and elegant decor, the room was just appropriately sized to capture an intimate and cozy feel, and the lights could’ve been dimmer for a friday night.

menu – i think its really important when the menu is well-designed

we started off with each a glass of ginger berry sangria ($9)
> not your traditional sangria, but very yummy
& then i had a gin gin mule ($10) shown in the picture above
> my favorite drink of the night

i wasn’t hungry enough to eat a main course, so i ordered the dungeness crab & prawn cakes ($15)
> the prawn cakes weren’t too bad, but the crab cakes stole the show- although…ive had better crab cakes in the city

my friend had the wild mushroom & truffle risotto ($13)
> very delicious! i love anything with truffle

+ overall it was quite a good dining experience. i wouldn’t mind coming back… espeacially for the drinks! the service was pretty good too even though our waitress wasn’t always present, but one of the guys (im thinking manager?) had a really upbeat attitude and was consistently checking on our table to see if the food was delivered in time, and whether or not we enjoyed them- big bonus.

xo (regional tasting lounge)
1130 Mainland Street
Vancouver BC
R.TL on Urbanspoon

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