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romer’s burger bar- VANCOUVER

September 15, 2010

my boyfriend & i have developed a major obsession for burgers ….

he was in town last weekend so we decided to try romer’s burger bar in kitsilano.

we arrived at the burger bar at approximately 11:30 am on a saturday morning,
we were the first one’s there.  the ambiance was nice. the bar is to the left with plasma tv’s tuned in on sports channels, and then there are booths to the right, and smaller tables at the front. overall it looked very clean, modern, and also cozy- perfect for drinking and dining with friends.

we started off with the yam fries which was really fantastic.

then we shared the tomato bisque soup with what they called ‘cheese panini’s‘- the soup was a little sour for my taste but it accommodates the burger really well.

for my main course i had a really amazing magic mushroom burgerit has caramelized onions and nicely sautéed mushroom that was just delicious. the burger bun was just the way i liked it- toasty with butter and not too dry. it was indeed magical!

however, my boyfriends man’s man burger was not so good. there was a sour mustard seed sauce in the burger that took away the flavor.

+ overall we would go back again and try some of the other burgers on the menu. i like how they offered many sides and sauces that the customers could add-on such as the ‘truffle mayo’ (which i regret not trying). nevertheless, we walked out pretty happy.

Romer's Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

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